Dear Students,

Welcome to Department of Economics and Management, Management (MAN) study program at the International University of Sarajevo (IUS).

Our curriculum is constantly evolving to meet the changing demands of business. Through our core courses, we develop students into leaders with an entrepreneurial mindset. The curriculum promotes an interdisciplinary education, particular among administrative science, economics, and social sciences. Among courses that are preparing students for the international market are: International management, international marketing and international banking and finance. In addition, MAN curriculum provides ample training for an academic career too.

We teach students to connect the dots; to look at business challenges from across disciplines, with an integrated perspective. At the very heart of our philosophy is the entrepreneurial mindset with a motivation of students in creation of a better society based on ethical principles. Our courses will teach you to emphasize your individual initiative by identifying, valuing, and capturing opportunity no matter what field you’re in.

With the growing global competition, managers must be knowledgeable, competitive and innovative. Our alumni work in various jobs, in many countries across the globe, often at the very top of their fields

Students begin the transformation of their professional life with a visit to the Career Center. The CC is here to help connect students with opportunities, from internships to full-time employment, and provide guidance throughout the cycles of your career.

If you are dedicated, tenacious, and innovative, with an endless curiosity for uncovering savvy business solutions, you're ready to become a part of our program.

Welcome aboard!