Ph.D. Program





The Third Study Cycle builds, additionally, upon the knowledge and competencies gained during the First and Second Study Cycles. This study cycle is focusing on qualitative, quantitative and mixed research approaches, in addition to Directed Research Project and six elective courses. The Directed Research Project has to be published in an indexed journal or international conference in accordance to the Third Cycle Study rules. Thus, in order to be eligible to complete the III Study Cycle of MAN Program, students have to pass three required (with 24 ECTS credits) and six elective courses (with 36 ECTS credits) totaling nine courses or 60 ECTS credits. After earning 60 ECTS credits the student is able to take the PhD Qualification Exam and then he/she can start working on the PhD Thesis.

Having completed successfully the Third Study Cycle of the doctoral studies of the Management, a student acquires the following title: Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Management

Admission Requirements for the Third Study Cycle

In addition to the general requirements laid down by law, the right to apply for enrolment to the Third Study Cycle (doctoral studies) is granted to all students who have completed Master studies according to the Bologna study model, i.e. candidates who have accomplished 300 ECTS study points, as well as all those who have completed post-graduate studies according to an earlier study model and gained the title of Master of Science (pre-Bologna and Bologna master's studies curriculum), or candidates who have acquired education outside of Bosnia and Herzegovina and who, after the validation and equivalence procedure, are found to have completed adequate education for the continuation of their studies. Nevertheless, students who have completed the Second Cycle of Studies and who have acquired the title of Master in any scientific/artistic area are eligible to apply for the admission to the Third study Cycle if they meet the criteria written in Book of Rules for II and III Study Cycle.

Ranking of candidates for enrolment to the third cycle can be based on the following criteria:

  • Previous success in the second study cycle taking into consideration that candidates who have completed post-graduate studies according to an earlier study model and gained the title of Master of Science can be recognized with 60 ECTS accordingly with the Committees decision;
  • Assessment in the interview or examination that is organized when candidates are applying for enrolment;
  • A research proposal that should convince the committee that the applicant has the potential to deal with Ph.D. requirements as well as to see whether there is a fit with program capacities and candidate's intended research area;
  • Other criteria determined by the competition.

  NOTE: Please see MAN Catalogue.