MBA Program



The Second Cycle of study expands the students’ knowledge gained during the First Study Cycle by involving the extensive study of subjects, such as Financial and Managerial Accounting and Management and Organization, as well as many other subjects based on the students’ preferences.

Our Master of Business Administration (MBA) students are taught that managers and organizations must perform four essential types of performance, on which the organization beats, equals or loses against the competition. Therefore, cost, quality, speed to customers and innovation are studied extensively, in order to teach students to find the ways to deliver the ultimate values in their future organizations and/or personal enterprises.

Students have the choice to complete the Second Cycle studies with or without a Master’s Thesis. Those who chose to write a Master’s Thesis will have to finish seven courses (two required and five elective), and those who do not write a Master’s Thesis will have to finish 10 courses (two required and eight elective).  In addition, students who chose to write a Master’s Thesis sign a study contract for four semesters (two years), whereas students who do not write a Master’s Thesis sign a study contract for three semesters. Therefore, after earning 60 ECTS credits students will finish and complete their Second Cycle studies.

Having completed successfully the Second Study Cycle of the Management, the student acquires the following title: Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Requirements for Admission to the Second Study Cycle

In addition to general legal conditions, the rights to enroll in the second cycle of study program have candidates who have completed the first cycle of studies, respectively candidates who have achieved 240 credits and candidates who have completed undergraduate studies according to pre-Bologna system of education. Therefore, all individuals who have completed the first cycle of studies and acquired title of Bachelor in any scientific/artistic area are eligible to apply for the admission to the second study cycle of MAN study program.

To qualify for admission, students are required to prove they possess advanced knowledge of the English language by possessing a certain internationally recognized certification, or by successful passing of the proficiency test at the University (Proficiency Exam), in accordance with the general rules of the University. In addition, taking a special test or interview may be required for proving the scientific capabilities for continuation of the Second Study Cycle.

Ranking of candidates for admission at the second cycle of study is conducted on the basis of the following criteria:

  1. results achieved during the first cycle of study;
  2. candidate's score at the interview and test which is organized when applying for study program;
  3. other criteria determined in the announcement.



NOTE: Please see MAN Catalogue.