About MAN

What is the management program about?

Creativeness and the ability to manage knowledge and resources are the topics which are highly demanded from the managers of this century. The need for well-educated, highly-skilled, latitudinarian, and professional managers who can take the right steps at the right time has always been very high. Management science searches how to manage all kind of recources scientifically and in the most efficient ways to achieve its targets.

What will you study in the Management program?

The Management program curriculum contains basic courses like economics, marketing, mathematics, statistics, finance, accounting, human and social pschology, sociology, optimization, strategic and operational management. According to their interest, students can take area elective courses to enlarge their knowledge in a specific field. Basic and core courses help IUS students to gain an overall view and ability to manage resources in organizations strategically, and to manage factors which affect productivity. Management students learn very important techniques like risk and strategic analysis, supply chain management, investment and leadership which will help them to compete in a global arena.

Managemet program at IUS targets to educate students to be the creators of knowledge and show the practical applications of the theories they learn at IUS.

Job opportunities for our graduates

Our graduates obtain local and global values at IUS like continuous learning and development, serving their knowledge and skills for the development of their country, world and humanity. They can find jobs in the pruduction and service sector easily. Moreover, IUS graduates can work at management positions in the banks, financial institutions, international and local companies, media and health service sector, and information technology companies. Also, they can found their own companies after gaining some experience and they can be very successfull as entrepreneur and businessmen.